Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control attended the 2019 PestWorld Event-held in San Diego California this October. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of our competition and this annual gathering is the premier event of the year. Brown marmorated stink bugs—the very name likely sends a shiver down your spine. The word “bug” combined with the promise of a foul smell warns that this is not something you want to find wandering around your home. What exactly is a brown marmorated stink bug though, and what do you do if you have an infestation? Here are some basic facts about these smelly pests.

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control attended NPMA PestWorld this October in San Diego, CA

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control attended the 2019 PestWorld Event-held in San Diego California this October. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of our competition and this annual gathering is the premier event of the year.

Public Service Announcement: WASPS are not BEES and BEES are not WASPS

Flies are easily recognized and are universally annoying. To say they are unappealing is an understatement. Flies enjoy spending time on decaying organic filth, including rotting meat and feces. They then manage to enter your home and land on your kitchen counters and any uncovered food.

Queue The Music- This Is How We Do It!...At Zip Zap Termite and Pest Control

Flies are easily recognized and are universally annoying. To say they are unappealing is an understatement. Flies enjoy spending time on decaying organic filth, including rotting meat and feces. They then manage to enter your home and land on your kitchen counters and any uncovered food.

Common House Fly

Flies are easily recognized and are universally annoying. To say they are unappealing is an understatement. Flies enjoy spending time on decaying organic filth, including rotting meat and feces. They then manage to enter your home and land on your kitchen counters and any uncovered food.

Get Annoying Insects Out Of Your Home For Good

You probably won’t see any reason to call a pest control company when you do not have pests in your home or yard. However, fast-multiplying bugs and insects can invade quickly. Within just a few days, aggressive bugs/insects/rodents can stake out a claim, making themselves known by eating your food and leaving their droppings behind. When they do infiltrate your home, give ZipZap Termite & Pest Control a call. We can solve your current pest control issue and, through treatment and prevention keep them from returning.

Red Imported Fire Ants In Missouri

Red imported fire ants have recently been discovered in the “Show Me” state. Richard Houseman, Professor of Entomology at the University of Missouri and state extension entomologist, confirmed the first report of these unwanted guests. He warns residents of Missouri’s Bootheel to be on the lookout for fire-ant mounds on their property.


Roaches, Possibly The Most Hated Pest In The World, Thrive In The Kansas City Area Climate

Over the course of one year, a female cockroach can produce between 3 to 5 generations of offspring. In the short time it takes for Missouri to get warm, the roach population explodes. The bad news is that they can quickly overwhelm any home AND most Kansas City area homeowners with roach infestations won’t see cockroaches until they are well established.

Mosquitoes In Kansas City

Homeowners across the Kansas City area are plagued by summer infestations of mosquitoes carrying a wide range of diseases. One of the most critical things Kansas City area residents can do at the change of seasons is to keep a lookout for mosquitos. They must remain alert regarding the mosquito population in their home, yard, and the surrounding areas. If you notice an abundance of mosquitoes in your neighborhood, then it’s time to take action.


When crickets roam freely in your home and yard, they will attract more pests. They’ll surround your home, then find their way inside.

A Few Ways the Pros Keep Your Home Insect-Free

Musty basements, messy kitchens, or old wood floorboards are not the only place insects reside. Lucky for you, Zip Zap can use a specialized treatment to rid your home of bugs.

Choosing the Correct Pest Exterminator in Kansas City

You’ll need to contact a pest exterminator when you realize that you have a pest problem. Knowing that you need a professional is the easy part. Knowing which company to use can be confusing.

Controlling Outside Pests including

Farmers need to ensure that their harvest is plentiful and ready each year so their number one priority is maintaining a healthy crop. Farmers experience many obstacles while keeping their crops strong.

Controlling Termites and the Simple Steps You Can Take

When thinking of the most destructive pests that plague a household from rats to cockroaches, termites are the first to come to mind. The damage is very costly.

Facts about the Striped Bark Scorpion

Aside from snakes and spiders, few pest strike fear into the hearts of homeowners like scorpions. Their appearance is threatening and their sting brings horror.

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control for New Homeowners

Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control can inspect the property as a precaution before buying a new home. Protecting your new investment by have a pest control company come to inspect is a good idea if not presented with proof that your new home is termite free.

Flea Infestation and Why You Need Help

Itching is the first reaction you will have with just the mention of fleas. Jumping and biting on anything that moves is how these tiny invaders make themselves known. They can be carried into your home by pet and people.

Getting Rid of Cockroach, Scorpion, & Ant Infestation in Kansas City

Missouri and Kansas are beautiful states that offer a large variety of wildlife and vegetation in wide open spaces. Springtime in this area not only welcomes warmer temps and increased

How to Get Termite Control in the Kansas City Area

Some of the most destructive insects around are termites. Flies, Cockroaches, and other insects cause us grief, but nothing more. Termites have the ability to destroy a building’s framework and foundation which puts them on a whole other level.

Identifying Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders in Your Area

During home visits in the Kansas City area we have realized there are two types of customers. Those who find all the creepy crawlies intriguing and the ones who find them downright frightening.

Important Facts About the Common House Fly

Many pest control technicians are busy during the summer months combating ants, mosquitoes, and the common house fly. Flies are easily identifiable and some have stripes on their thorax.

Pest Control in Your Area and the Basic Steps

Each home in the Kansas City area is different and that is the most important thing to keep in mind. Each home has unique weaknesses that pests use to invade and to properly ensure that

Ridding Your Home of Cockroaches & Fire Ants After Rain

Generally rain is welcomed for many different reasons but can also become a hazard when flooding occurs causing damage and danger. Behavior of insects is also affected by the rain

Safe Pest Control and the Importance

It shouldn’t be a complicated process to get the best pest control in your area. You can reduce the number of pests in your home and prevent more from getting in with just a few and simple proactive steps.

Subterranean Termites and How to Treat

Depending on the kind of termites that have infested your home will determine the treatment. Each species of termites have a different way of entering your home so different methods will be used for keeping them out, or getting rid of them once they’ve arrived.

Termites Can Actually Be a Problem in the Fall As Well…

Do not be confused and feel you are free from looking for termites once the weather cools down and fall begins. The more common subterranean termites tend to swarm through the spring time with an indication that destruction may be imminent.

The Dangers of Brown Recluse & Black Widow Spiders

It is very important for residents of Missouri to become familiar with the different species of spiders. There are species that are dangerous and species that are harmless but one will eventually make its way into your home and set up residence.

The Striped Bark Scorpion and All About It

Keeping every bug out of your house is advice that the bug experts at Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control will tell you. There is something that you are doing, or not doing and you’ll end up with more than your share.

Tips on How to Remove Insect Pests

When guests are tiny and difficult to eject, it becomes uncomfortable and they are unwanted. Infestations caused by insects can diminish the quality of time you spend in your home, not to mention lowering the value since

Treatment of Basic Kinds of Termites in Kansas City

Homeowners have options of treatment for termites. How much they’ve invaded your home, what type of termites you have, and other specifics of your house will vary on how to best treat your home.

Wasp Nest & Wasp Nest Removal : Interesting Facts

One may get a kick out of grown man flailing himself about when the slightest sign that a wasp may be near. It doesn’t matter that the man is so much larger than the wasp, that wasp’s sting can be quite a punch.

What is Considered a Rodent

Rats and mice are probably the first thing thought of with the mention of rodent. Although these are the two main types there are many others. There are about 4,000 species of rodents including squirrels, chipmunks,

What You Can Do About Signs of Termite Damage

Termite infestation is the worst. If you wake up one morning and realize that you have a termite problem, Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control is your solution. If these little pests have already caused damage do not panic!

Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control Can Help You.

Not all pest control companies are created equally. The differences vary greatly. Our company requires our technicians to be trained and skilled to get rid of pests. We also use different chemicals than most.

Spring and Termites: How are they related?

Spring is just around the corner and the first signs of termites will soon be evident. Be on the lookout for termite swarms. Why does this happen? As temperatures begin to warm with the onset of spring, so too does the rain. This combination of warmer temperatures...


Household Flies Flies and Fly control in Kansas City Missouri and Kansas Revised by Richard M. Houseman Division of Plant Sciences More than 100,000 different kinds of flies have been discovered and named by scientists all over the world. Some common examples...

Bedbug Fogging or Fumigation what is the difference

What is the difference between Fogging for Bedbugs and Fumigating for Bedbugs in Kansas City? fumigating for bedbugs in Kansas City Fogging for bedbugs Fogging for bedbugs is a process of setting off a containerized liquid chemical and atomizing the chemical into the...

Pest Control in Winter. Good Idea?

People ask this question a-lot. Do I really need pest control in the winter? The answer, from a Board Certified Entomologist is, YES. Although it may be cold outside, the inside of your living space is warm. People keep the inside temperature of there homes between...

Bedbugs in Kansas City. Why are they so Bad?

Bedbugs in Kansas City are still a big problem and are not going away anytime soon. Kansas City has moved from the top 50 cities with bedbugs to the top 41 cities based on an article in Pest Control Technology Magazine. Our pest control office in Kansas City has seen...

Termites are Swarming in Kansas City

Termites in Kansas City start to swarm in early spring and continue until May. Sometimes longer but by the most part the swarms stop around May. People have been calling our company wondering what these long winged insects are? They also want to know what to do...

Boxelder bugs

What is a Boxelder Bug? A Boxelder bug is a pest of ornamental plants, ash, maple, fruit trees and in homes during Spring, Autumn and Winter. They complete 1-2 generations per year and the female will overwinter in your home. They are black with conspicuous red...

Solutions to bed bugs in kansas city

Bed bug calls increasing in Kansas City Bed bug calls have been increasing daily to our office for bed bug inspections and customers are asking why they have bed bugs. I will let you in on a secret, “they are the greatest hitchhickers in the world”. You...


Ants in Kansas City: Carpenter ant, Little black ant, Odorous house ant, Pavement ant, Pharaoh ant Carpenter Ants in Kansas City: Carpenter Ants in Kansas City can create a major problem in your home. They are attracted to wood and moisture in the home. Carpenter...


Beetles are among the larges Oder of insect that we know of that exist on the earth. Beetles come from the Order Coleoptera, which means Leathery Wings. Kansas City has many beetle species that are both destructive and beneficial to our community.


Bees are a very beneficial insect that must be protected here in Kansas City. We should not destroy the nest of bees or their hives. Bees produce honey which is a delicious food as well as pollinate many plants for humans to eat.


The German cockroach in Kansas City Blattella germanica [Blattodea: Blattellidae]: The German cockroach in Kansas City is native to southeastern Asia. It has been widely spread to all parts of the world. Breeding populations can become established almost anywhere...


Mosquito’s are a pest no one wants around. Mosquito’s can transmit encyphalitus like West Nile Virus. The best way to keep mosquito populations down would be to go to the breeding source. Any standing, stagnating water around your home must be eliminated....


Millipedes in Kansas City are an occasional invader that is a pest primarily due to organic matter around your home or high levels of moisture. Leaf litter around your home or stored items around your home that cause moisture to build up.

Bed Bug

FAQ about bed bugs in Kansas City Are bed bugs a real problem in the U.S.? A. There is a real problem with bedbug infestations in the U.S.. Especially here in Kansas City. As a company we went from 1 to two calls a year in 2005 for bed bugs to 1 to 2 per week in 2009...


Indian meal moths in Kansas City are a pantry pest and can be controlled by finding the source that is infested in your cabinets. IMM can infest all kinds of grains, dog food, bird seed, pasta, oats, nuts and just about anything you store long term in your pantry or...


We have several mice species in Kansas City. We also have Norway rats that will invade your Kansas City home. At least 90% of the time rats and mice will enter through the garage. rodent proofing your garage is a very important step in keeping rodents out of your...


Termite swarmers in Kansas City disperse and establish new colonies Termites in Kansas City are referred to as, Rhinotermitidae: Reticulitermes flavipes and is the most common destructive termite feeder and consumer of homes in the Kansas City area that we as pest...


Ticks in Kansas City and how they can transmit lyme disease. You can pick up a tick anywhere in kansas city. Most people relate camping to getting ticks but you can pick up a tick around your home while in your own back yard.


Kansas City Exterminators | Brown Recluse Spider Control Brown Recluse in Kansas City The brown recluse roams at night seeking its prey. During the day, it hides in dark niches and corners, where it may spin a poorly organized, irregular web. Eggs are deposited in 1/2...

Bed bug eggs and why it is so hard to kill bed bugs in your home

Because bed bug eggs are small it is hard to kill bed bugs It is very difficult to see bed bugs sometimes, let alone bed bug eggs. When you are doing a DIY bed bug control services in your Kansas City home you will sometimes fail, due to the fact you were unable to...

Bad Bugs in spring on rise with full force

The photo here is a shot of a collection I have of bugs collected around a home. The Cicada killer is viewed here in this picture. Cicada Killers are a large univoltine wasp endemic and widespread in the Kansas City area. The Female Cicada Killer nest in soil and...


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