Termites are Swarming in Kansas City

Termites are Swarming in Kansas City

    Termites in Kansas City start to swarm in early spring and continue until May. Sometimes longer but by the most part the swarms stop around May. People have been calling our company wondering what these long winged insects are? They also want to know...

Boxelder bugs

What is a Boxelder Bug? A Boxelder bug is a pest of ornamental plants, ash, maple, fruit trees and in homes during Spring, Autumn and Winter. They complete 1-2 generations per year and the female will overwinter in your home. They are black with conspicuous red...

Solutions to bed bugs in kansas city

Bed bug calls increasing in Kansas City Bed bug calls have been increasing daily to our office for bed bug inspections and customers are asking why they have bed bugs. I will let you in on a secret, “they are the greatest hitchhickers in the world”. You...


Ants in Kansas City: Carpenter ant, Little black ant, Odorous house ant, Pavement ant, Pharaoh ant   Carpenter Ants in Kansas City: Carpenter Ants in Kansas City can create a major problem in your home. They are attracted to wood and moisture in the home....


Beetles are among the larges Oder of insect that we know of that exist on the earth. Beetles come from the Order Coleoptera, which means Leathery Wings. Kansas City has many beetle species that are both destructive and beneficial to our community. Beetle was last...


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