Pest Control in Winter. Good Idea?

People ask this question a-lot. Do I really need pest control in the winter?  The answer, from a Board Certified Entomologist is,  YES. Although it may be cold outside, the inside of your living space is warm. People keep the inside temperature of there homes between 68 to 75 degrees. Some may be cooler and some warmer but the fact is, it it warmer inside than outside.

Insects, rodents and other animals want to come inside to get out of the cold and some of those overwinter in our homes. Most people are unaware of this and let populations of insects build up in their homes. Boxelder bugs, lady bugs and wasp will enter the home in large number and can be a problem throughout the winter as the home is warm. The warm temperature, in the home,  can confuse the insects and cause them to be active all winter long. Our office gets calls on these insects throughout the winter.

Once some of these insects get into the walls of your home it can be very difficult to get them out, so the best approach to control overwintering pest  is through preventive efforts. The location and access to voids where these pest hide are sometimes difficult to locate and treat. Finding and sealing hole coming into the home can be done in the spring time. Weep holes and cracks should be plugged and attic and foundation vents should be screened to prevent these invaders from entering your home.

Rodents cause lots of calls to our office during the winter. This is our busiest time of the year with these pest. Rodents can enter the home for food, water or shelter or all three. The populations of rodents can become very large in a short amount of time and if left untreated can create a big problem in your home. Some of the insect proofing methods I discussed with insects can be used for rodents as well. I have multi-feed tamper proof bait stations around my home and keep bait in them year round. This helps keep rodents from coming into my home to feed. I feed them on the outside. I also keep multi-catch stations in my garage as 90% of the time rodents enter the house thru the garage.

Some interesting facts about the house mouse ( Mus musculus )


Here are some areas to inspect for mice:

Just remember this, a mouse can live its entire life under a stove that never gets moved.


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