Public Service Announcement: WASPS are not BEES and BEES are not WASPS

If you have been a victim of a wasp bite, don’t wait until someone else gets stung! Call ZipZap today!

Our technicians are highly trained to combat and treat for these potentially harmful insects while safely removing their nests.

The last thing we want is for you to try and battle these tiny yet mighty pests. Yes, it would be hilarious for on lookers to make you go viral on social media with footage of you trying to run away from a tiny winged insect, but is the pain of getting stung or leaving your family susceptible to that possibility worth it? (This is a rhetorical question, Zip Zap is in no way suggesting you try to go viral by getting into a fight with flying insects)

However, ZipZap does recommend that you educate yourself on these pests to learn how to prevent any hazards if you’re around them.

For starters, there is a difference between Bees and Wasps.

Although they are similar, they possess notable differences :

Wasps and their Monarchy

There are three types of wasps in a wasp society: Queens, workers, and drones. Each type of serves a specific function.

Queen Wasps

Queens wasps operate the show in their self-contained communities. They reign over the workers and the drones. Young fertilized queens are the only wasps to survive the winter. During the spring time they build new nests, lay a large number of eggs, then care for their offspring until they are old enough to become workers and protectors.

Worker Wasps

Worker wasps are infertile females. They spend their lives “serving” their queen as she gives birth to offspring. In addition to food gathering, tending the nest, and helping to raise young wasps, they also defend their colonies. But much like any monarchy, occasionally, a worker wasp will “rebel” and kill her queen.


Drones are the male wasps. They are unable to sting and are not very as productive as the workers. They do little to help keep the colony clean and sometimes feed the babies. Their main purpose is to mate with the queen. Unfortunately for them, they die shortly after.

Treating a Wasp sting

If you’re stung the irritation should only last about 24 hours. You should wash the area with soap and water then apply cold compress. If you’ve got deodorant that contains aluminum in it, we recommend applying it to the sting to help minimize the irritation.

There have been cases were people go into anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting and suffer serious illness. If you experience any of the following, seek immediate medical attention:

So, before you decide to swat and exterminate one of these insects, keep in mind that once they have been squashed, the wasp will release a pheromone that let’s nearby buddies know that it’s time to rumble. Instead, call us. We’ve got the secure win over these pesky bullies.

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