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Pest Control in Kansas City

Kansas City Pest Control ZipZap is a licensed and insured pest control company for your protection.

ZipZap Termite and Pest Control has a Board Certified Entomologist on staff to help assist you with your pest needs in Kansas City. Call today to schedule your prescription treatment on your home and start living a pest free life in Kansas City. We are a insect control company located in Kansas City, Mo. Call today and find out why so many people trust their insect control needs in Kansas City to the experts at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. We are the Wizards of Pest Control. “We’ll take care of what’s BUGGIN you”.

Whether you are experiencing bed bugs, brown recluse spiders, ants, carpenter ants, bees, silverfish, termites, cockroaches, moles, rodents or any insect problem in Kansas City and need a professional pest control company in KC, you can count on ZipZap Termite & Pest Control, a pest control company in Kansas City Missouri which serves surrounding cities such as Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood in Kansas, and areas like Parkville, Riverside, Gladstone, Smithville, Liberty, Blue Springs and Pleasant Valley in Missouri.

We are a “certified to be bed bug free” company which guarantees the highest quality service provided for your bed bug needs. Our Board Certified Entomologist adheres to the highest standards required by the National Pest Management Association in regards to Best Management Standards for Bedbugs. We are the professionals you need to tackle your tough bed bug extermination needs in KC. We take care of pests in KCMO.


Bed bugs are the insect we get most calls on lately here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. It’s a matter of fact that bed bugs are not going away anytime soon and the products you can buy on the market to combat these blood sucking vampires hardly do any good.

Bed bugs are becoming a big problem in the Kansas City area. Bed bugs are a problem in Apartments in Kansas City, bed bugs are a problem in Kansas city hotels, bed bugs are a problem in multi-unit housing. In fact, bed bugs are a problem in Kansas City just about everywhere. If you think you have a bed bug problem in Kansas City, please consult a professional like the ones here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. We have a Board Certified Entomologist on staff that can diagnose your bed bug problem in your Kansas City home and prescribe a solution to your bed bug needs in Kansas City.

Bedbugs in Kansas City:

Kansas City has been identified as one of the top 50 cities with a bed bug epidemic. Cimex lectularius [Hemiptera: Cimicidae]: A widespread, obligate, blood-sucking parasite of humans gregarious in human habitations. Adult bed bugs are up to 6 mm long, oval in outline shape and reddish-brown in color.  Bed bugs are nocturnal and rest away from hosts during daylight. Bed bugs feed at night via several linearly arranged, closely spaced wounds. After feeding, the bed bug’s body rapidly swells and detaches from its host. A bed bug’s maturity life cycle typically requires 6-8 weeks with 3 weeks at 30C. Bed Bugs can live one year without feeding. Bed bug infestations are not associated with poor sanitation or housekeeping. We are an exterminator in Kansas City that can take care of your pest control needs in Kansas City.


Termites in Kansas City:

Termites in Kansas City are referred to as, Rhinotermitidae: Reticulitermes flavipes and is the most common destructive termite feeder and consumer of homes in the Kansas City area that we as pest control operators encounter. Termites in Kansas City are social insects. Termites have different castes or groups of individuals that perform different functions in the colony. Winged termites swarm from mature colonies usually 4 to 6 years of age. The termite swarmers in Kansas City disperse and establish new colonies. Worker termites, do all the damage to your home and eat the wood in your structure. The worker termites feed the others in the colony including the Queen termite. The soldier termites are responsible for protecting the termite colony from intruders.



We offer many pest control services in Kansas City.

An Exterminator in Kansas City that is also a Board Certified Entomologist in KC.

Pest control services in Kansas City performed by Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control:
We perform pest control services in KC like:

Cockroaches in Kansas City:
Blattella germanica [Blattodea: Blattellidae]: The German cockroach in Kansas City is native to southeastern Asia. It has been widely spread to all parts of the world. Breeding populations can become established almost anywhere where conditions for comfortable human existence prevail. Infestations of cockroaches have been detected in all parts of the world including Alaska and Greenland. The adult German cockroach male and cockroach female are fully winged, 1.1-1.6 cm in length. Adult German cockroaches are incapable of true flight. The female German cockroach in Kansas City carries the partially extruded ootheca until the eggs hatch. During this time, the female roach remain inside harborages and feed little if at all. Cockroaches in Kansas City are a common occurrence. Developmental time for a German cockroach is from two to six months, depending on temperature and humidity. The German cockroach breeds continuously in Kansas City and populations of the German cockroach can reach very high numbers in short amount of time. We are an exterminator in Kansas City that can take care of your pest control in Kansas City.

Cockroaches in Kansas City are a problem that is widespread.

Any home in Kansas City can have Roaches. Offices in Kansas City can have cockroaches as well as the grocery stores in Kansas City can have cockroaches. Treatment for roaches in Kansas City should be a combination of liquids, baits and growth regulators. When you have done everything for roaches in Kansas City and still have roaches then you need to call the professionals here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control at 816-407-PEST.

For Brown Recluse Spiders we offer:

  • Complete vacuum of crack and crevices for brown recluse spiders
  • Extensive chemistry for cracks and crevices to kill brown recluse spiders
  • Extensive use of professional dust in electrical outlets, cracks and crevices to kill brown recluse spiders
  • Placement of glue boards throughout homes or offices to capture brown recluse spiders
  • Board Certified Entomologist to prescribe your brown recluse spider program in KC

What to know about Pest Control in Kansas City:

Ants in Kansas City: Carpenter Ant, Little Black Ant, Odorous House Ant, Pavement Ant, Pharaoh Ant

Ants in Kansas City: Ants are our number one call to ZipZap in the Spring. Since termites and ants swarm in the spring, the public gets a little concerned when they see winged-looking ants. They want to know if they are either flying ants or swarming termites in Kansas City.


Carpenter Ants in Kansas City:

Carpenter Ants in Kansas City can create a major problem in your home. They are attracted to wood and moisture in homes. Carpenter Ants do not eat wood but rather shred it, making it look like sawdust in your Kansas City home. Members of Genus Camponotus [Hymenoptera: Formicidae]: Carpenter ants are widespread in Kansas City. We are an exterminator in Kansas City that can take care of your pest control needs in Kansas City.

Little Black Ants in Kansas City:

Little Black Ants in Kansas City are a nuisance. Monomorium minimum [Hymenoptera: Formicidae]: Little Black Ants are  omnivorous and common in urban habitats. Workers ants are monomorphic, ranging about 1.5 – 3.0 mm long. They have slender bodies, and are dark brown or black in color. Ant colonies nest outdoors and form conical craters. We are an ant expert in Kansas City that can take care of all your pest control needs in Kansas City.


Odorous House Ants in Kansas City:

Odorous House Ants (OHA) in Kansas City are an ant that generates many calls to our office. This ant is mainly active from early Spring to late Fall. Tapinoma sessile [Hymenoptera: Formicidae]: Odorous House Ant is a species that is widespread in Kansas City as an urban pest. Worker ants are about 3.0 – 3.5 mm long and monomorphic. Odorous House Ants are brownish grey in color with velvet-like appearance. They typically nest outdoors in soil or under wood and stones, but will nest in your kitchen walls as well. We are an exterminator expert on Odorous House Ants in Kansas City that can take care of your pest control needs in Kansas City.


Pavement Ants in Kansas City:

Pavement Ants in Kansas City are a nuisance to the outdoors. We generally don’t see many of these ants indoors, although they can become an ant problem in our Kansas City homes.  Tetramorium caespitum [Hymenoptera: Formicidae]: Pavement Ants are omnivorous and forage throughout the year. They seek sweets and grease indoors, plant materials outdoors and feed on roots and seeds. We are an exterminator in Kansas City that can take care of Pavement Ants in and around your Kansas City home.


Pharaoh Ants in Kansas City:

It is best not to spray a colony of Pharaoh Ants when you find them around or in your Kansas City home. This could cause the colony to bud and become a lot bigger problem. Monomorium pharaonis [Hymenoptera: Formicidae]: A cosmopolitan urban pest believed to originate from Egypt (hence the name). Worker Pharaoh Ants have small bodies measuring 1.5-2 mm long. Their head and thorax are reddish-yellow and their gaster (abdomen) is a much darker color. Nests are unstructured and often use crevices as nesting sites. Queens cannot fly and mate in their nest. Colonies may contain hundreds of queens with each laying <4,500 eggs. Colonies may contain several hundred thousand workers. Workers do not sting, but their acid gland produces chemical repellent. Pharaoh Ants are urban pests in homes, office buildings and hospitals. In hospitals, Pharaoh Ants can serve as mechanical vectors for diseases including Salmonella and Staphylococcus. We are an exterminator in Kansas City that can take care of your pest control needs in Kansas City.


ZipZap Termite & Pest Control has developed a program called TermaPest. This new method of eliminating pests called TermaPest represents the future of pest management and is a holistic alternative to traditional methods that is only available from ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. Our clients have made it clear that they want an environmentally-responsible service that ensures effective elimination of pests and the TermaPest program is our response to that demand.

The TermaPest program includes six service visits during peak activity times. If additional service is required, treatments are provided at no charge. These services eliminate the following pests: pavement ants, carpenter ants, centipedes, carpet beetles, clover mites, earwigs, millipedes, sowbugs, silverfish, springtails, spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, bald faced hornets, mice and rats. Even termites are covered.

By being on our TermaPest program you can rest assured you are protected by an advanced pest management program found nowhere else here in the Greater Kansas City area. Designed by our Board Certified Entomologist.

The TermaPest Program:

  1. Identify the unique biology, behavior and characteristics of your home’s invaders. Each ZipZap customer receives a specialized TermaPest treatment plan.
  1. Inspect your home and property thoroughly to understand its unique dynamics and reveal possible sources of infestation. It’s more important to know the source than just the kind of pests that exist.
  1. Determine which of the many methods would best resolve your unique situation. The TermaPest program favors baiting over pesticide spraying, reducing human health risk.
  1. Implement a program designed specifically for your home and its needs. ZipZap’s certified specialists are trained and experienced in low dose application science.
  1. Follow-up to explain clearly what has been done, what to expect from the treatments and what future service will be performed. No one else removes pests the ZipZap TermaPest Way.

We will concentrate on the areas of most important to your home. We will keep most products on the outside. If we have to come inside we will abide by the IPM (integrated pest management) standards of pest management.

ZipZap’s Exclusive TermaPest program, The Best Way to Keep Your Home Pest Free.











Brown Recluse





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