Fumigating for bed bugs or Fogging What is the Difference

What is the difference between Fogging for Bedbugs and Fumigating for bed bugs in Kansas City?

fumigating for bed bugs in Kansas City

Fogging for bedbugs

Fogging for bedbugs is setting off a containerized liquid chemical and atomizing the chemical into the air. A  liquid chemical is turned into tiny little droplets that float around on the air currents, then fall to the ground. If the chemical comes in contact with a bed bug, it might kill it. Foggers, also known as “bug bombs,” are convenient but are seldom effective against indoor pests, especially bedbugs.

Is there an excellent fog to kill bedbugs out there?

The quick answer is NO. I’m sorry to say; bedbug foggers are not effective at all. You may kill a few bedbugs, but it won’t fix your problem. The fallout from fogging will end up on your children’s toys, kitchen countertops, and floors (where your children and animals walk and crawl). Fogging for bedbugs can, in some cases, make the problem worse. The eggs from bedbugs will not even be affected. Control will not be achieved.

Foggers can be purchased directly from a hardware store by just about anyone and set off inside your home with little to no regulation. A licensed pest control operator with a special fumigation license can only apply fumigation using Vikane gas. Not all pest control operators have the proper licensing to apply Vikane gas. Vikane, the fumigant used for bedbugs, is regulated by the Department of Ag and has restrictions on its use. Vikane is a restricted-use pesticide instead of foggers, which have minimal limitations.

Fumigating for bed bugs in Kansas City

Fumigating for bed bugs in Kansas City is the number one way to 100% eliminate bedbugs from your home, moving truck, or car. Conversely, Fumigating for bed bugs is not even close to the same thing as fogging for bedbugs. Vikane gas, also known as “Sulfuryl Fluoride,” is a gas, not a fog. It will penetrate every square centimeter and move into and through every crack and crevice of what is being fumigated—leaving no place for any bedbugs to hide. Even the eggs of a bedbug will be found and destroyed.

How does using Vikane gas work to kill bedbugs in my  Kansas City home, moving truck, or car?

Fumigating for bed bugs using Vikane gas is a proven way to give you peace of mind overusing foggers. Moreover, using Vikane gas fumigant eliminates the need to search for and repeatedly treat the many hiding places of bed bugs. Vikane finds the bedbugs by penetrating all cracks, crevices, and other spaces. Without a doubt, to solve the bedbug problem in your home, moving truck, or car, all traces of bedbugs need to be found and treated. Like other chemicals and fogs, bed bugs are not resistant to Vikane gas. Fifty years of science have proven that fact.

Unquestionably, Vikane gas kills bedbugs by filling the entire space being fumigated. Penetrating through all objects in the home, moving truck, and car. Obviously, as the fumigant is released into the fumigated area, our company will monitor for any gas leaking. Especially outside the fumigated structure. We will then hold the fumigant for an 18-hour time frame. The home must then be open and fans blowing for a minimum of 8 hours. Or until all areas have one ppm of Vikane gas or less.

Summary between fogging vs. fumigating for bed bugs in Kansas City

Fogging for bedbugs:  Messy leaves a residue to wipe up and can contaminate toys, dishes, and countertops; they do not work.
Fumigating for bed bugs:  Clean, leaves no residue to wipe up, will not contaminate toys, dishes, or countertops, and is 100% effective against bedbug eggs, nymphs, and adults. 

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