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We are a Fumigating Companies in Kansas City Based in Pleasant Valley, MO, ZipZap Termite & Pest Control has seasoned technicians and pest control, professionals. Rely on us to always exert our best efforts to provide you with excellent service continually. We are continuously training to stay ahead of the latest and greatest in pest management. Our company does this with a semi-monthly meeting with our Board Certified Entomologist. If you are looking for Fumigating Companies in Kansas City, we are your answer

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The Man Behind ZipZap Termite & Pest Control

Our founder and technical director, Jeff Preece, is a Board Certified Entomologist. He's registered with the Entomological Society of America. He received his certification in 2005. He works diligently to keep himself qualified in serving his clients. This is evident in the 125 hours of coursework he has to take every three years to become re-certified. Jeff is a second-generation pest management professional. He started working with his father in the pest control industry in 1985. "My dad taught me to stay educated in pest control and take care of your customer." He was the inspiration for me, stating ZipZap in Kansas City.

Why Choose ZipZap as your Exterminator

Family-Owned Business

We are a family-owned business with two of our third-generation pest management experts serving as part of our staff. For many years in the industry, we strive to provide you with unmatched service consistently.

Client-Centric Approach

Our women-owned company team is dedicated to accommodating each of our clients and ensuring all their needs are being met. This allows us to receive prestigious awards from The National Pest Management Association, Pest Control Technology Magazine, and Syngenta for our excellent customer service.

Hardworking Staff

We employ experienced and diligent professionals to provide you with the best pest solutions for your home or business. Our owners always make sure that your property will be free of bed bugs, termites, and other unwanted pests when you work with us. All of our employees are Commercial Certified Applicators registered with the Department of Ag in Missouri and Kansas.


Jeff Preece

Former President of the Board-Certified Entomologists of Mid-America

In March of 2012, Jeffery Preece, board-certified entomologist (BCE) and owner of ZipZap Termite & Pest Control, was elected as president of the Board-Certified Entomologists of Mid-America (BCEMA). BCEMA is a group of entomologists (experts on insects) that upholds the highest standards for the education and development of urban and agricultural pest management.

After completing his two-year term as president of BCEMA, Preece focused his time and attention on carrying out the duties of a board member, while also running ZipZap Termite & Pest Control in Kansas City, Missouri. As a board-certified entomologist, he lends his expertise to the company by serving as Technical Director.

Under his leadership, ZipZap Termite & Pest Control offers free training for members of the lodging and landlord industries as a way of educating staff on the importance of bedbug identification and bedbug control. Bedbugs have become a problem in the Kansas City metro area, and ZipZap Termite & Pest Control’s bedbug division has been busy treating infested spaces.

Due to the recent resurgence of bedbugs, Preece has been working with his BCEMA committee members on ways to combat these blood-sucking insects. Hotel bedbug treatments in Kansas City have increased over the past few years, and ZipZap Termite & Pest Control has been a leader in keeping these pests out of local hotels. ZipZap Termite & Pest Control also treats properties for termites, brown recluse spiders, cockroaches, ants, and silverfish. This pest management company is second to none with the expertise they provide to the people of Kansas City.

In addition to combatting bed bugs, Preece has been instrumental in developing a process to help pest management professionals across the state of Missouri gain their accreditation as associate certified entomologists (ACE).

He has been a leading advocate in making sure pest companies, owners, and technicians are aware of and have access to the program. “This program will provide opportunities for pest management professionals to increase their knowledge, which will benefit the consumer,” says Preece.

His other accomplishments include serving as past president of both the Missouri Pest Management Association and the Pest Management Association of Greater Kansas City. Also, he is a board member of the National Pest Management Association’s Wood Destroying Insect Committee.

We Belong to Many Organizations

NPMA - National Pest Management Association, Winner of 2005 Best in Class Customer Service Award. WDO Committee Member
PPMA - Professional Pest Management Alliance, Guardian Member
MPMA - Missouri Pest Management Association, Former President
PMAGKC - Pest Management Association of Greater Kansas City, Former President
ENTSOC - Entomological Society of America, Board Certified Entomologist
PCO - Member of Phi Chi Omega, a Pest Control Fraternity at Purdue University
NRC - Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce
KCRAR - Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors
CEMA - Certified Entomologist of Mid-America, Former President

Awards and Recognition

Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control is QualityPro Certified, the mark of excellence in pest management. As a QualityPro Certified Company, Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control has placed itself in the top echelon of pest management companies in the nation. QualityPro is an initiative of the National Pest Management Association to encourage professionalism and recognize excellence in the industry.

Less than 3% of pest control companies in America have earned this prestigious designation. QualityPro Certified companies voluntarily ascribe to a set of qualifications that go above and beyond any state or federal requirements.


Zip Zap Termite and Pest Control

Winner of The Northland Lifestyle Readers’ Choice Award 2017

For Best Pest Control


Garhett Preece

Completed IPM From Purdue University

Certified in Urban and Industrial Integrated Pest Management


Geoffery Preece

Completed IPM From Purdue University

Certified in Urban and Industrial Integrated Pest Management


Jordan Preece

Completed IPM From Purdue University

Certified in Urban and Industrial Integrated Pest Management


Customer Service Award

Jeffery Preece

Phoenix, Arizona – PCT Magazine and Syngenta Professional Products announced the winners of the first-ever Best-In-Class Customer Service Awards at the NPMA Academy on Friday, July 22, 2005. PCT Editor Jodi Dorsch presented this award to Jeffery Preece. ZipZap Termite & Pest Control is recognized for its outstanding dedication to customers and its commitment to the pest control industry.


ZipZap Pest Control

ZipZap is the only pest control company owned by a board-certified entomologist in the Greater Kansas City area. This video log is an excellent introduction to the pest control products and services that we offer in Overland Park, Shawnee, Merriam, Mission, Leawood, Roeland Park, and other surrounding cities in Kansas. We also service North Kansas City, Gladstone, Riverside, Parkville, Liberty, Northmore, Oakview, Oakwood, Weatherby Lake, Independence, Blue Springs, Lee Summit, and other surrounding cities in Missouri.

How to Prepare Your Home for Bed Bug Treatment

Are you having a bed bug problem? This video will tell you what to do before we come out and use our Heat Treatment to eradicate those pests! To help you prepare for our visit, we will send you a checklist for the successful extermination of your home, apartment, loft, or office space.

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control is a leader in Heat Treatment for bed bugs in the Kansas City area. We are bed bug certified and have an in-house board-certified entomologist. No home is exempt from being infested by bed bugs. We understand the frustration this problem causes. Let ZipZap be part of the solution. We are also a Fumigating Companies in Kansas City and can fumigate if heat is not an option.

The Sentricon System - Termite Bait

As a certified Sentricon-authorized operator, we can take care of your termite control needs in Kansas City. The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is a bait option we provide for the complete eradication of termites from your home or business. A Sentricon method is a Green approach to exterminating these pests and is the only way to go if you want to use bait for termites here in Kansas City.

Bed Bug Preparation Video

  • Remove pets or plants from the treatment site, as temperatures will exceed 125°F for several hours.
  • Remove all firearms and ammunition, as we do not want them to ignite or fire inadvertently.
  • Please ensure that there is proper parking for both our trucks and trailer, so that we may safely unload and bring our equipment into the areas being heated.
  • Please do not place items like laundry or clothing in plastic bags, as we will need to empty them to apply the heat treatment properly.
  • Please put in a box marked "DO NOT HEAT" all medications, aerosols, candles, oil paintings, musical instruments, and any other valuables that you are concerned about.
  • All other items that may melt, expand, or explode should go into the refrigerator.
  • Soda, beer, and wine should also go into the refrigerator.
  • All electronics will be safe, so please do not remove them.

Fumigating Companies in Kansas City perform bed bug and brown recluse fumigation

Bed bugs, once nearly eradicated as a common pest in the United States, are reappearing in record numbers across the country and around the world. They are showing up where people live and work. The best defense against these pests is to know a little about them—what they look like, where they hide, how they spread, and how to get rid of them with Whole Home Fumigation.

If you are looking for Fumigating Companies in Kansas City, we are that company. We provide fumigation for bed bugs as well as fumigation for brown recluse spiders. Contact our company if you are looking for Fumigating Companies in Kansas City. We are here for your fumigating needs

Mosquitoes in Kansas City

When it comes to mosquitoes in Kansas City, we have the answers. ZipZap has developed a program included in our TermaPest Deluxe Program that combats mosquitoes. Both day and night time biting mosquitoes in Kansas City. We use the In2Care system for mosquitoes and add a comprehensive misting program to manage mosquitoes around your home.


What Customers are Saying about ZipZap Termite & Pest Control in Kansas City
Angie's List Member Comments about ZipZap Termite & Pest Control:

The owner Jeff is a Board Certified Entomologist, that is how I found him originally. My 2 yr old daughter had been bitten overnight in her bed twice in a one week period. After the second episode, I stayed up late the next night checking her bed every 15 minutes. I thought I was looking for bed bugs. I caught a critter in her bed and stored it alive in a plastic container. I didn't know what I had and I was frantic to find out what it was.

I searched the internet and called around the next day until I found an extermination company in the KC area that had an entomologist. After speaking with Jeff, I drove to the company's location in north Kansas City and dropped off the specimen. He called me later that day to inform me that it was a flea, specifically a cat flea. Three days later, when they came out to treat my house, I was surprised to find that it was Jeff that was doing the actual extermination. He said he doesn't always do the service, but he thought I might have a lot of questions. He was right. I asked a lot of questions which he answered very patiently.

The service of treating took less time than all the questions I asked. I have two children under the age of three, so I was very concerned about the chemicals he was using, their efficacy and potential harm to children (minimal). Since I have no animals/pets, I wondered how the flea(s) had gotten into our house (likely hitched a ride, squirrels and other animals carry the cat flea).

Jeff explained the process thoroughly – how to prepare the house for treatment, ways to control flea populations, he explained the entire lifecycle of the flea and how they would eradicate it from inside the house and what he would do on the outside to minimize the chance of fleas returning. Their spray treatment kills fleas at 2 of their 4 lifecycle stages. Jeff said that because of this, we may see a brief re-emergence of the fleas at anywhere from 7 to 19 days after application, but the newly emerging fleas would be killed by the treatment for up to 30 days. It's day 22 & no re-emergence. Jeff & Zipzap did a great job for us!