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Kansas city bed bug threat

Bed Bugs are in Kansas City. The past several decades Missouri and Kansas, the United States, and most of North America were virtually free of bed bugs. Bed bugs have not been a public health threat in some time. Bed bugs are in Kansas City. With improved living standards and advancements in insecticides we have been able to keep bed bugs out of our homes and only in our nursery rhymes, “nite-nite don’t let the bed bug’s bite.” Over the last few years news reports have been covering the re-introduction and dramatic resurgence of bed bugs in our community. Bed bugs are a real issue here and we need to understand that bed bugs don’t discriminate, and will infest any human dwelling, from student apartments at college to the most luxurious five-star hotel. Bed bugs are difficult to control because they are so skilled at hiding, which allows them to travel in our belongings (clothing items, luggage, furniture, electronics, etc.). The presence of bed bugs in human dwellings is not caused by a lack of cleanliness. They are the greatest hitchhikers in the world.

Bed bug lifecycle in kansas city

Bed Bugs in Kansas City go through several immature stages after hatching from the egg and before molting a final time to an adult. A blood meal is required at each stage of the bed bug’s development. Once a bed bug reaches an adult and throughout their lifespan, they will feed every 3-7 days depending on temperature and other environmental factors. Adults may live for more than a year and can go for long periods (up to a year) between blood meals. The female averages 3-5 eggs per day, up to about 12, producing over 500 eggs in her lifetime. The eggs are very durable and can remain viable for weeks under harsh conditions. Bed bug eggs are also distributed throughout the infested dwelling. Bed bug eggs can be deposited in the tiniest of cracks to the screw head on a bed frame.

Bed bugs are remarkably resistant to chemistry in almost every sense of the word, and are comfortable within all the extremes of Missouri and Kansas climate. They can survive freezing temperatures (32 F) for days and tolerate much lower temperatures (5 F) for short periods. Their upper lethal temperature is 122 F causing death within seconds, but longer exposures to temperatures above 113 F are also lethal. They have a wide humidity tolerance range but tolerate dry climates better than humid, and have been known to survive without blood meals for up to a year.

Bed bugs spend most of their time hiding in small inconspicuous crevices that are difficult to reach with normal vacuum cleaning and “bug bomb” applications. By hiding in clothing, luggage, bedding and mattresses, bed bugs may be accidentally transported to new locations. Bed bugs often choose to hide in box springs because they are undisturbed and offer many crevices and close proximity to the hosts.

bed bug activity

Bed Bug Bite Marks. Bed bugs locate humans using heat and carbon dioxide sensors, and recognize humans through olfactory (smell) receptors on their antennae and mouthparts. Bed bugs normally feed at night or early morning when we are at our deepest sleep. Most are unaware when being fed upon. The saliva of the bed bug contains desensitizing agents that prevent the host from feeling its mouthparts penetrate the skin. The bite sites are usually small, pinprick-sized lesions that may or may not become inflamed. Reaction to bed bug bites varies from person to person. Most people show no reaction the first time they are bitten. Others may have signs, like the image here, where the bitten area may develop into welts that itch.


Controlling bed bugs requires a significant investment of time and resources. Bed Bugs can be eliminated with a coordinated effort that includes cooperation of the resident and pest management professional (PMP), or the resident, landlord/property manager and PMP. We fumigate and this is a one and done option. this is the one single way to eliminate bedbugs from you residence or moving truck. Despite the challenges, the technology of bed bug control is getting better and elimination of a bed bug infestation is achievable.


  • Heat Treatments,
  • Steam Treatments
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Fumigation Treatments

At this time companies cannot guarantee 100% bed bug control because re-infestation from an outside source is possible.


Chemical treatment for Bed Bugs in Kansas City

If you suspect your house is infested with bed bugs, the first thing you need to do is verify it. You may be able to do this yourself, if the bugs are in obvious places, but they like to hide and may be in places you don’t think about. They can hide in smoke detectors, cracks in walls and floors, electrical sockets as well as in mattresses and bed frames.

Check your mattress first including the box spring. Take the liner off the bottom of the box spring and check very carefully. Also, look around walls and floors in corners or other dark places where the bugs will hide during the day. There may be dark fecal matter scattered around hiding places. Try to notice if there is any unusual strong odor, like a musty odor, in any area. Finding bed bugs in a house is a daunting task and can better and more efficiently be done by professionals, like the ones at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. When the professionals at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control come to check your house, it is a good idea to let them see inside your car too. You may have brought the bed bugs into your home yourself, so they could also be in your car.

Once you know you have bed bugs in your house, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. The infestation may not be too wide spread, but postponing action is not a good option. The sooner you exterminate the bed bugs the easier it will be. ZipZap Termite & Pest Control will have a wide assortment of tools for dealing with large and small infestations of bed bugs. Home remedies may make a good start and help prepare the rooms for ZipZap Termite & Pest Control, but do-it-yourself treatments can be complicated and costly and still not remove all the bed bugs.

To prepare your house for the bed bug exterminator, first remove all your fabric items and either wash them in very hot water or as directed by the labels. This includes bed linens, stored fabric, clothing and curtains. Seal the clean items in bags or bins so the bugs can’t get in. Empty the closets and cupboards where the bugs have been found. Put electronic items on tables, unplugged and out of the way. Vacuum everywhere it is possible including corners, carpets and bare floors. Empty any bookshelves, dressers, desks and take out the drawers but leave them in the room. Bed bugs can live in furniture and knick-knacks.

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control will apply a labeled approved chemistry specific to bed bugs. Chemistry along with other heat and steam methods are used so we may achieve total elimination. Our Board Certified Entomologist knows how to use these professional chemistry safely. Some are aerosols, dusts and low-odor sprays. Even with all of this, it is possible that several follow-up visits may be necessary. You will need to stay away from your home for at least 4 hours. The chemicals may be toxic and any mattresses, sofas or chairs should be completely dry before being used.

We will prescribe a treatment specific to your particular bed bug infestation, we can do this because of our Board Certified Entomologist. He is an expert in the identification, inspection, removal and treatment of all bed bugs and in all stages. Don’t leave your bed bug infestation to just any company. Make sure they are qualified and have the experts on hand to take care of your problem.


Bed Bug Steam Treatment in Kansas City

Steam treatment works to eradicate Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Our Board Certified Entomologist suggest with bed bug infestations rising in the Kansas City area and fears sweeping the nation, that homeowners need to start looking for ways to tell if they have bed bugs and, if they do, are searching for safe ways to get rid of the problem. While no treatment is absolutely foolproof, certain treatments, such as steam cleaning, are highly effective at ridding a home of the pests when used by a licensed commercial provider such as ZipZap Termite & Pest Control.

Bed bugs are tiny, microscopic pests that can cause a big problem in a home. It is possible to tell bed bugs are in a home by looking first in two places: the body, in the form of bites or a rash and the sheets. On bedsheets, bed bugs will show their presence by leaving behind what appears to be a tiny blood splatter, or blood smears. This marking is the feces left behind by bed bugs and is a telltale sign that they are present in a home. A second way to know if a home has the bugs is to look at areas of the body without any hair for small red bite marks. Some marks will swell and others will not.

Once the signs of bed bugs are found, it is time to seek a professional company to treat. Options for do-it-yourself treatments at home are viable but just know that it is very difficult even for a professional. No treatment is as effective as anything performed by a professional, especially our Board Certified Entomologist here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. An environmentally-friendly treatment option we offer is high steam application.
Bed bugs are highly sensitive to heat, and levels of 97 degrees Fahrenheit and upwards have been known to kill the pests in large numbers. A steam cleaner is especially effective because the steam can penetrate areas that sprays, powders and other sometimes harmful substances cannot, including cracks, crevices and even the insides of mattresses. Another reason steam is a good killer is because it will take care of full-sized adult bugs as well as eggs and developing bed bugs.

A pest control company that uses steam cleaning will give the resident of the home or workers of a business to be treated a list of things to do before their arrival. These things generally include washing all linens and sealing up everything that has been exposed to the bugs, including electronics, inside plastic bags. Once the site is fully inspected and prepared, ZipZap Termite & Pest Control will bring a steam cleaning machine that produces a high temperature into the area. A common starting point for any bed bug treatment are mattresses. Any bugs that survive the treatment will move to other areas, where they can then be eradicated on the next sweep.

Any reputable pest control provider will do a full and thorough cleaning of the area, including mattress seams, beneath handles and labels on the mattress, inside and outside the base of the bed and the headboard and footboard. The fabric on the bottom of the box springs will be removed for treatment of the inside of the mattress, but it can be easily reattached. Other furniture will be treated in the same manner, along with curtains, carpet, rugs and even crevices in walls.

Many times a good steam treatment will get rid of bugs in a single pass, but sometimes multiple uses are necessary. Here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control we offer steam treatment for eradication of bed bugs.


Fumigating Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Fumigation for bed bugs in Kansas City is an effective way to completely eliminate all stages of bed bugs from your home or building space. Fumigation has been an effective way to eliminate bugs for over 50 years. Science has proven that fumigating for bed bugs in Kansas City is the number one way to 100% be sure no bed bug eggs, nymphs or adults are still alive after treatment.

Using Vikane gas as a fumigant for bed bug control is a safe and effective way to eliminate all stages of bed bugs in Kansas City. There are no residues to wipe up after a treatment. There is no question that after a fumigation for bed bugs is performed you will be 100% rid of those blood sucking vampires.

Heat, Steam or Chemical not working for bedbugs?

Have you had a bed bug chemical, steam or heat treatment performed on your home and you are still experiencing bed bug problems? Then Fumigation for bed bugs in your Kansas City home is the option for you. ZipZap Termite & Pest Control can come in and kill all stages of Bedbugs in your Kansas City home in less than two days. The process for bed bug fumigation in Kansas City is simple:

– Package up all your opened food and put it in special bags

– Make arrangements to sleep somewhere else that night

– Leave everything in the home to be fumigated for bed bugs

– Be able to sleep in your home the next night (bed bugs eliminated)

It’s that simple. Bed bugs are no longer a problem and their is a simple 100% effective way to eliminate all stages of bed bugs in your home without the use of extreme heating. No preparing for a heat treatment to your home. No worrying about your televisions or computer from being damaged by heat. Bed bug fumigation in Kansas City is an easy way to rid your home once and for all from those unwanted bloodsucking pests.

Fumigating Bed Bugs in a moving truck or trailer!

Moving from an apartment that has bed bugs and don’t want to move the bed bugs to your new apartment? No worries! Bring your moving truck to our office full of your bed bug infested items and we will fumigate the entire truck, ridding your contents completely of bed bugs. 100% of the bed bug eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs will be killed. Fumigating your moving truck for bed bugs is the best number one way to know for sure you will not be moving bed bugs to your new apartment. The cost to fumigate your items for bed bugs in your moving truck is a fraction of the cost to heat or fumigate your apartment for bed bugs in Kansas City.

Contact ZipZap Termite and Pest Control today to set up your bed bug fumigation of your home in Kansas City and start living a bed bug free life.


Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs in Kansas City

• Do not remove anything from the treatment site except for living pets or plants as temperatures will exceed 125 degrees for several hours
• Please make sure there is proper parking for our trucks and trailer so we may safely unload the equipment and bring into the areas being heated
• Locate all firearms and ammunition as we do not want them to ignite or fire inadvertently
• Please do not place items like laundry or clothing in plastic bags as we will need to empty them to heat properly
• Any medications, aerosols, candles, oil paintings, musical instruments or anything valuable you are concerned about please put in box marked DO NOT HEAT
• All other items that may melt, expand or explode can go in the refrigerator
• All electronics will be fine so please do not remove them
• Soda, beer and wine should also go into the refrigerator

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