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Kansas City Bed Bug Threat

Bed bugs are in Kansas City. Missouri, Kansas, the United States, and most of North America were virtually free of bed bugs for several decades. We had been able to keep bed bugs out of our homes and confined to our nursery rhymes ("Night-Night. Don't let the bed bugs bite!"), thanks to improved living standards and advanced insecticides. Bed bug's in Kansas City had not been a public threat in some time. However, they are back in Kansas City! Within the last 15 years, the reintroduction and dramatic resurgence of bed bugs in our community have been the topic of many news reports.

Bed bugs are a genuine concern in the Kansas City area. The presence of bedbugs does not signify a lack of cleanliness. These bugs don't discriminate from a college student's messy apartment to the most luxurious 5-star hotel. Bed bugs will infest any human dwelling. In addition to being found anywhere, bed bugs are challenging to control because they're so skilled at hiding. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, allowing them to travel with us from place to place in our belongings (clothing, luggage, furniture, electronics, etc.). They are expert-level hitchhikers!

What is a Bed Bugs Life Cycle

In Kansas City, bed bugs go through several stages after they hatch from the egg and before molting a final time. A blood meal is required at each step of the bug's development. Once the bed bug becomes an adult throughout its life span, it will feed every 3–7 days, depending on the temperature and other environmental factors. Adults can live for more than a year and go for extended periods (up to a year) between meals. The female averages 3–5 eggs per day, up to about 12, and can produce over 500 eggs during her lifetime. The eggs are durable and can remain viable for weeks, even under harsh conditions. Bed bug eggs can be found all over an infested dwelling, as they are small enough to be deposited into even the tiniest of cracks.

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What do bed bug bites look like

What do bed bug bites look like? Bites can resemble many insects, like fleas, mosquitos, and chiggers. They can also appear to look like poison ivy. These pesky parasites locate their meals using heat and carbon dioxide sensors. They can recognize humans through olfactory (smell) receptors on their antennae and mouthparts. Bed bugs typically feed at night or in the early morning—they attack when we are in our deepest sleep and are mostly unaware.

The bug's saliva contains desensitizing agents that prevent the host from feeling the bite.

Reaction to bed bug bites varies from person to person. Most people show no response the first time bed bugs bite them. The penetration sites are usually small, pinprick-sized lesions that may or may not become inflamed. Others may develop itchy welts (like the image shown here).

What do bed bug bites look like

ZipZap Kills Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Controlling bed bugs requires a significant investment of time and resources. They can still be eliminated by a coordinated effort between the resident, landlord, property manager, and the Pest Management Professionals (PMP) here at ZipZap. If you discover these annoying blood-sucking insects in your home, don't despair! The process of bed bug control is continuously improving, and complete eradication is achievable.

Bed Bug Treatment Options:

Currently, companies can't guarantee 100% bed bug control because of the possibility of re-infestation from an outside source.

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Our Board-Certified Entomologist suggests that, with infestations rising in the Kansas City area, homeowners would be wise to identify if they have a bed bug problem and, if so, act quickly to solve it. These insects are tiny, microscopic pests, but they can cause a big problem in a home. If you suspect that your house is infested, the first thing you need to do is confirm the presence of bed bugs. Call a professional.

First, check your body. Do you have bites? Concentrate on areas of the body without any hair when looking for tiny red bite marks. Do you have an unexplained rash? Some bug bites will swell, and others will not. Next, check your sheets. Bed bugs will show their presence on bedsheets by leaving behind what appears to be a tiny blood splatter or smear. These marks are bed bug feces and a sure sign that they are present in a home.

After checking your sheets, look at your mattress, including the box spring. Remove the liner from the bottom of the box spring and check very carefully. It would help if you also looked around at walls, floors, and corners in the home, where a bug could hide during the day. There may be dark fecal matter scattered around their hiding places. Take note of any robust, musty odor smells.

Remember, discovering bed bugs is a daunting task that can be efficiently performed by the ZipZap Termite & Pest Control professionals. When we come to check on your home, it is an excellent idea to let us look inside your car. You might have inadvertently brought the bed bugs into your house, which could also be in your vehicle. Remember, they are adept at bumming rides!

I Have Bed Bugs – Now What?

Once you have confirmed the presence of bed bugs in your home, the next step is to get rid of them as soon as possible. The sooner you exterminate, the easier the process. Postponing action is not good, even if you find only a few bed bugs. They will continue to multiply. Home remedies might be an excellent place to start and could help prepare the rooms for our specialists, but do-it-yourself treatments can prove complicated, costly, and won't eliminate all the bugs.

No measure taken by the homeowner can be as effective as that of a professional, especially our specialists here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control. We offer several options for dealing with both large- and small-scale infestations and will guide you through each treatment plan phase.

Fumigation Treatment

Fumigating Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Fumigation is an effective way to eliminate all stages of bed bugs from your home or building space. This method has proven successful for over 50 years. Science has shown that fumigating is the best way to guarantee no bed bug eggs, nymphs, or adults will survive. Using Vikane gas as a fumigant will kill every last one of these annoying insects, and there is no residue to wipe up afterward!

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control can come in and perform this service in less than two days.

The process for bed bug fumigation is easy:

  • Package up all opened food and put it in special bags.
  • Make arrangements to sleep somewhere else for one night.
  • Leave everything in the home to be fumigated.

You'll be able to sleep in your home the very next night, bed bugs eliminated!

Bed bug fumigation is a painless option for ridding your home, once and for all, of those bloodsucking pests.

Fumigating bed bugs in a moving truck or trailer

If you are moving from an apartment that has bed bugs? No worries! Just bring your moving truck to our office full of your infested items, and we will fumigate the entire vehicle, ridding your contents completely of those nasty bugs. Since all eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs will be killed during this process, fumigating your moving truck or trailer is the best method for ensuring that you won't have these uninvited guests in your new place. AND this is a cheaper option! The cost to fumigate your moving truck is a fraction of the cost required to heat or fumigate your apartment for bed bugs.

Contact ZipZap Termite & Pest Control today to schedule a bed bug fumigation for your moving truck or trailer and start living a life free of bed bugs.

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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs in Kansas City

  • Remove pets or plants from the treatment site, as temperatures will exceed 125°F for several hours.
  • Remove all firearms and ammunition, as we do not want them to ignite or fire inadvertently.
  • Please ensure that there is proper parking for both our trucks and trailer, so that we may safely unload and bring our equipment into the areas being heated.
  • Please do not place items like laundry or clothing in plastic bags, as we will need to empty them to apply the heat treatment properly.
  • Please put in a box marked "DO NOT HEAT" all medications, aerosols, candles, oil paintings, musical instruments, and any other valuables that you are concerned about.
  • All other items that may melt, expand, or explode should go into the refrigerator.
  • Soda, beer, and wine should also go into the refrigerator.
  • All electronics will be safe, so please do not remove them.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Before having your home chemically treated, you should do a few things to prepare for ZipZap specialists. Please remove all of your fabric items and wash them in hot water unless otherwise directed by their labels. This includes bed linens, stored fabric, clothing, and curtains. Seal the laundered items in storage bags or bins so that the bugs can't get in—empty closets and cupboards where insects are spotted. Unplug electronic items and place them upon tables, high and out of the way. Vacuum thoroughly, being careful to reach all corners, carpeted surfaces, and bare floors. Empty bookshelves, as well as desk and dresser drawers. Remove the drawers from the furniture, but leave them in the room. Remember, bed bugs can live inside of furniture and knick-knacks.

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control specialists will apply a labeled chemical specific to bed bugs. Our Board-Certified Entomologist ensures that these professional-grade chemicals are used safely.

They include aerosols, dust, and low-odor sprays. The chemicals may be toxic, so mattresses, sofas, and chairs should be completely dry before being used. You will need to stay out of your home for at least 4 hours.

This will be a great time to catch a movie and grab a bite to eat. Enjoy knowing that you will no longer be a meal for those pesky bed bugs!

*It is possible that several follow-up visits will be necessary.

Fumigation, Heat, & Chemical - ZipZap Termite & Pest Control will recommend a treatment plan specific to your particular bug infestation. Our Board-Certified Entomologist is an expert on the inspection, identification, removal, and treatment of bed bugs in all stages. Don't leave your extermination to just any company. Here at ZipZap Termite & Pest Control, we are trained, qualified, and have the experience necessary to eliminate your bed bug problem in Kansas City.


If you find a bug in or around your home and need it identified, take a picture. Then text or email to the text line or email address below.

Please DO NOT text to the (816) 407-PEST number.

ZipZap can fumigate your semi-cab for bed bugs

Fumigate your Semi-Cab for Bed Bugs

If you are experiencing a bed bug problem in your semi-cab, we can help. We use Vikane gas (Sulfuryl fluoride) to eliminate all stages of bed bugs from your semi-cab. Fumigation for bed bugs is the best, number one way to kill 100% of all bed bugs stages. Eggs, nymphs, and adults.

bed bugs in semi-cab


"I own a commercial semi-truck and somehow became infested with bed bugs. This company completely solved the problem with basically no interruption in my operation except for the time it took to use the vikane gas to eradicate the bugs [4hrs usually]. You will not have to do any prep on your truck or clear all your belongings out. Leave everything as is. Get back in your truck and resume operation.No damage to anything except the bugs. Thanks, Zip Zap"

-Barry Bowman

vikane gas for semi-cab bed bug control

Fumigating for bed bugs in a Semi-Cab is the best way to kill all stages of bed bugs. This method causes no harm to your truck or items in your truck. Vikane gas is an odorless gas that leaves no residual behind. It does not leave a mess for you to clean up. This is a one and done process. Bed bugs do not survive fumigation using Vikane gas. Call today to schedule your bed bug fumigation to your semi-cab.