Exterminators in Kansas City

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ZipZap Termite & Pest Control are the best exterminators in Kansas City. ZipZap has a Board Certified Entomologist on Staff. They also are a QualityPro Company. This represents only 3% of all companies in the United States. This professional pest control company in Kansas City is on it's third generation working in the business. ZipZap was started in Kansas City in 1993. This is truly a family owned and operated company. Women Owned, Board Certified Owned and family ran.

Mosquito Control in Kansas City

Mosquito control is essential to protecting your family and home from the considerable risks they pose. Mosquitoes can carry a variety of viruses and diseases, with some of the most serious including yellow fever, malaria, and several types of encephalitis.  I would like to point out that using a professional and reliable pest management team to deploy mosquito control techniques around your home is essential.

One of the most effective mosquito control methods is the In2Care method, which ZipZap Termite and Pest Control use. This method combines an insecticide with a spill-proof trap to create an effective mosquito control system.



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The insecticide is used to quickly and efficiently reduce the number of adult mosquitoes in the area, while the trap is used to target and eliminate the larvae and pupae stages of the mosquito's lifecycle.

This method of mosquito control can be especially beneficial for homeowners who want a more targeted approach to mosquito control. The spill-proof trap targets only mosquitoes, meaning that beneficial insects and pollinators can remain in the yard while providing effective protection against mosquitoes. Additionally, the trap has the added benefit of acting as a visual deterrent, further reducing the number of mosquitoes in the area.

In addition to taking steps to control mosquitoes, homeowners should also be aware of the different types of viruses carried by mosquitoes and how to reduce their risk

of infection.

The most common virus spread by mosquitoes is the West Nile Virus, though other illnesses such as Zika, dengue fever, and encephalitis may also be spread through bites. Homeowners can reduce the risks posed by mosquitoes by avoiding going outdoors at dusk or dawn when mosquitoes are most active, wearing long-sleeved clothing outside, and using repellents that contain DEET.

Mosquito control is critical to protecting your family, home, and landscape from the potential dangers mosquitoes pose. By utilizing a professional and reliable pest management company such as ZipZap Termite and Pest Control, you can ensure that your home is being protected from mosquitoes and their dangers

Preparing for Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs in KC

Preparing for a heat treatment for bed bugs in Kansas City. What you need to know prior to a heat treatment being performed on your home for bed bugs. This video will show you what is to be expected prior to ZipZap arriving to your home to perform a heat treatment for bed bugs. Questions will be answered on how to prepare for a bed bug heat treatment.

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Whole Home Fumigation for Bed Bugs Using Vikane Gas

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Fumigation for bed bugs is the best number one way to completely eliminate bed bugs from your home, car or moving truck. Vikane gas fumigation for bed bugs leaves no residues so you don't have to wipe anything down after fumigation is complete. Vikane gas has been kill bugs for over 55 years and is proven to eliminate all stages of bugs. Bed bug eggs, nymphs and adult will not survive the fumigation performed on your structure.