Bed bug calls increasing in Kansas City

Bed bug calls have been increasing daily to our office for bed bug inspections and customers are asking why they have bed bugs. I will let you in on a secret, “they are the greatest hitchhickers in the world”. You can get bed bugs just about anywhere. I have been talking to people in apartments around the city and of course you want to blame the problem on your neighbors, but that may not allways be the case.

Travel tips for bed bugs 

If you are a traveler for work or even pleasure then you are a candidate for bringing back bed bugs to your home. Now I’m not saying just because you travel that you automatically are going to get bed bugs, it just increases the odds of your bringing them home. if you want to avoid bringing bed bugs home I have some bed bug tips on my website that can help you with that.

You can get Bed bug almost anywhere

Almost any job you go to can have the possibilities of being exposed to bed bugs in Kansas City and other cities around the country. Some examples are if you work in the health care industry you are exposed to lots of people in their homes, your office that you work at or a hospital room. Not saying that hospitals have bed bugs but it is possible due to the amount of people going in and out of doctors offices, hospitals or visits to homes for care. Bed bugs can be in hand bags of people, on their clothing or even on their person.

Getting rid of bed bug on your own

Getting rid of bed bugs is not a DIY do-it-yourself project, I know their is a lot of information on the internet pertaining to bed bugs but even for the seasoned professional it can be difficult to control bed bugs due to clutter in the home, and the extent of the infestation. If you are so inclined to do-it-yourself bed bug control we have mattress covers available for bed bug control as well as a DIY bed bug control kit designed with products that will be the best for the bed bug job. I am always available to answer questions that you may have pertaining to bed bugs as well.

Don’t expect a slow down of bed bug

Due to the warm weather approaching in Kansas City bed bugs are on the rise and we don’t expect a slow down anytime soon. Bed bugs will be in full force in the next month or so and trying to get a pest control company to come out will be diffiult. If you think you may have a bed beg problem go to our website at and fill out the ask the Board Certified Entomologist sections to get answers to your problem.

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