Termites in Kansas City start to swarm in early spring and continue until May. Sometimes longer but by the most part the swarms stop around May. People have been calling our company wondering what these long winged insects are? They also want to know what to do about them. So when your home starts to have termites swarming from the front stoop area or around the back door or wherever else you may see them swarm from your home the best thing you can do is contact a professional pest management company.

As a Board Certified Entomologist I would recommend you hire a professional that is trained specifically in Termites. They will be able to asses the situation of your home determine if there is damage and advise accordingly. There may be damage that is not present in a normal inspection but may still exist behind the walls.

Q. What type of treatments are there for Termites in Kansas City?

A. You have an option to put Sentricon Always Active bait around your home. This is a station that is placed generally every 10 feet apart around your home. It has bait in every stations and is a greener approach to the traditional liquid treatment.

You also have the option to apply a liquid treatment around the perimeter of your home. A trench is dug around your home and termiticide is then injected into the trench at a depth of between one and four feet, depending where the footer of the home is and what type of termiticide is being used. Some labels vary. Any concrete around the home must be drilled and treated with the liquid.

Q. How can I help keep termites away from my home?

  1. Don’t stack wood around the foundation of your home, up against the house or in the garage.
  2. Fix any and all leaks or moisture conditions around your home.
  3. Have a a termite inspection performed by a professional pest management professional each year.
  4. Replace wood landscaping timbers to non cellulose materials around your home.
  5. Be on a Termite program that takes care of the problem before it starts.
  6. Have a treatment performed on your home.

Q. Do termites go dormant in the winter in Kansas City?

A. No. Termites are nice and toasty under the foundation of your home or in the front stoop of your home keeping protected from the elements that the winter brings. It may be cold outside but we have done inspections in the dead of winter and have found active termite mud tunnels coming from the ground going into the home on the outside of the home. Even when there was snow on the ground.

Q. Can I just pour some pesticide on the termites that I see to kill them and will that take care of my problem?

A. You can try what ever you want but that will not solve the problem. Termites are subterranean, which means they live under ground. In some cases hundreds of feet in the ground. You would not be able to get enough product in the soil to kill all the termites. You would only kill the ones you see. What about the other 250,000 that you don’t see. Termites are better left to the professionals.

Termites cause 5 billion dollars in damage to homes in the US each and every year. They cause more damage alone than all the floods, fires, earthquakes and tornado’s combined. They are a very destructive insect to your home. Termites are still beneficial as they break down wood and turn it back into soil.

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