Keeping every bug out of your house is advice that the bug experts at Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control will tell you. There is something that you are doing, or not doing and you’ll end up with more than your share. You can make it way for insects and spiders to make their way into your home by neglecting some very important home maintenance and housekeeping tasks.

If your home is not properly sealed you leave an open invitation to these entrances. You can keep big pests like squirrels, mice, and rats out by installing mesh over attic and crawlspace vents. If the bigger pests can get in, then the smaller ones like mites and fleas can gain access. There are many access points like utility lines, cracked foundation, dryer vents and wall boards need to be sealed with caulk. Window screens need to be inspected to make sure they fit snugly and that they are not torn. Even if you can’t see daylight around them doors need to be checks. Simply installing weather stripping can help keep the bugs out.

Like us, bugs need moisture to survive. If there is excess moisture around your home the pests will stay and your problem then multiplies. Inside and outside plumbing should be checked for leaks. Inspect the pipes for build-up of condensation and reroute the drain hose from your air conditioner away from the foundation. If you have a basement that takes on water during a storm be sure you have proper drainage installed and use a humidifier whenever necessary. Termites especially will thrive on the water leaking around your foundation or in your crawlspaces.

Keep your house decluttered especially your closets, attics, and basements. Get rid of rarely used items that are cluttering your house because rodents like rats and mice like setting up residence inside your mess. Spiders love hiding in areas of your home that are dark and untouched.

Do not neglect to clean up food messes and household garbage. By keeping your kitchen clean, you have already won half the battle with indoor pests. Several things you can do is empty the trash cans regularly, wash dirty dishes after use, inspect cabinets where food is stored, sweep your floors and clean up after the family pets. Make sure to keep food sealed up tightly to keep out weevils, cockroaches, and beetles.

Keep the outside of your home litter-free and avoid overgrown vegetation. Prune the trees and shrubbery so they don’t touch your home. If the branches touch your home this will give pests direct access inside as they live in the shade. Excess piles of debris including construction debris and leaves should be cleaned up. Inspect shed and outbuildings for beehives and wasp nests.

Our trained pest control experts have many years of dealing with rodent, pests, and insects. Call today for help with ideas on how to keep these out of your home. Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control 816-407-PEST (7378)

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