Not all pest control companies are created equally. The differences vary greatly. Our company requires our technicians to be trained and skilled to get rid of pests. We also use different chemicals than most. We want to provide the best service to our customers, so please call Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control at 816-407-PEST (7378)

We’ll Get the Job Done

Pests should not be a lingering problem. Pest control should only be dealt with once or twice. Invasive pests, such as termites, may take a few visits, but Zip Zap prides itself on its efficiency in getting the job done with our highly trained and skilled technicians.

We Use Materials That Work

“Going green” is a worrisome topic for some companies that they actually do the opposite and use unconventional products. Zip Zap is all about lessening our carbon footprint. We don’t want to be counter-productive. Some of those products don’t work at all, and if they do, it is only temporary. Those who want to go green using essential oils or other household products are encouraged to do so. Those methods are great for an ant pile next to your back porch. That method will not be effective in the case of an infestation of pests, harmful pests.

At Zip Zap, we use the newest products and stay updated with the industry’s innovations. We give you options if you want something safer than conventional sprays. Our priority is keeping your family and pets safe.

Our Staff Cares

Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control promises great customer service. Satisfaction is at the top of our priority list, as well as eliminating those pests permanently. Our skilled technicians will treat you and your home as their own. They will respect your space and privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about the chemicals or your safety, the tech can explain further. Zip Zap relies on recommendations through word of mouth, and we do everything to make our clients happy

No matter the job in ridding your home and property of pests, insects, or infestations, we can do the job and do it correctly. Our trained technicians are up for the job and want you to be satisfied with our effective materials and service. When you want the best, please contact Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control. 816-407-PEST (7378)

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