Because bed bug eggs are small it is hard to kill bed bugs

It is challenging to see bed bugs sometimes, let alone bed bug eggs. When you are doing DIY bed bug control services in your Kansas City home, you will sometimes fail because you were unable to find all the bed bug eggs that were cemented to a screw under your bed frame. That’s right, and female bed bugs will cement the eggs in a small crack in the bed frame, wall, light fixture, or under the carpet. How are you supposed to see the bed bug egg when it is out of sight? Oh, that’s right. Your not! It’s not your fault. Professionals have specialized lights and equipment at their disposal, and it is still challenging to determine the full extent of a bed bug infestation in a home.

When using chemistry to control bed bugs in your home

When you use chemistry to control bed bugs in your home, the homeowner most likely does not have professional equipment to apply the liquid chemistry right or the dust. Most professional companies have specialized equipment to properly apply chemistry to cracks and crevices, in wall voids, and safely and effectively to the items in your home. Since professional equipment is more expensive than a plastic sprayer you get at the hardware store, most do-it-yourselfers do not have the right equipment. Most of the time, when you are using chemistry to control bed bugs, the eggs are the one thing that will cause a reoccurrence. Chemical has a hard time killing the bed bug eggs, and bed bugs can reemerge and start the process all over again.

What can you do to make sure you don’t miss a single egg

Be very diligent in your inspection and very patient. It would be best if you moved slowly and steadily to look into every nook and cranny. Don’t leave a crack unchecked. More often than not, an egg will go unnoticed due to the inspection process’s lack of diligence. Eggs can be placed on drapes, blinds, under a nightstand, and just about anywhere in the home.

Locations where bed bugs and their eggs can be found

  • mattresses
  • bed frames
  • box springs
  • furniture
  • nightstands
  • headboards
  • chairs
  • couches
  • under carpeting
  • cabinets
  • pet bedding
  • wall hangings
  • behind molding door frames
  • picture frames framed art
  • closets
  • plush toys
  • shoes
  • stereo equipment
  • computers
  • dry floral pieces
  • televisions
  • clocks
  • books
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • baseball gloves
  • book bags
  • maid carts
  • hampers
  • luggage carts
  • luggage
  • sports bags
  • backpacks
  • luggage racks
  • wigs
  • prosthetics
  • cell phones
  • smoke alarms
  • hats
  • keyboards
  • wheelchairs

As you can see, bed bugs and their eggs can be just about anywhere in your home. With their small size, bed bugs may hide virtually anywhere. Bed bugs prefer undisturbed hiding places.

So when it comes to inspecting for bed bugs and their eggs, you know the routine. Be very, very, very thorough.

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