FAQ about bed bugs in Kansas City

Are bed bugs a real problem in the U.S.?

A. There is a real problem with bedbug infestations in the U.S… Especially here in Kansas City. As a company, we went from 1 to two calls a year in 2005 for bed bugs to 1 to 2 per week in 2009 to 5 to15 calls a day in 2014.

How much does it cost to treat for bed bugs?

A. Cost is based on many factors, whether you have heat treatment or treatment using liquids and dust products. The number of rooms being heated or treated with products and the size of the unit being treated.

Can I turn my furnace on and use my own fans to heat my house for bed bugs myself?

A. It is not possible to bring your home up to 125 degrees and maintain that temperature for an extended time for you to kill all stages of bedbugs, from egg to nymphs to adults. Your furnace will shut off around 90 degrees, which will not be hot enough.

Can I just use alcohol on the bed bugs?

A. Alcohol will kill the bugs you see and treat directly but will not kill the eggs and the bugs you don’t see.

How long does a heat treatment for bed bugs take?

A. A whole house heat treatment can take between 8 to 12 hours.

Can I stay in the house when you heat treat for bed bugs?

A. You will not want to be in the house as it will be between 125 to 135 degrees for an extended amount of time.

Do I need to throw my bed and other stuff away because I have bed bugs?

A. If you have a heat treatment performed on your home, we will be able to kill all stages of bedbugs, so you will not need to throw items away if you don’t want to.

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