What is a Boxelder Bug?

A Boxelder bug is a pest of ornamental plants, ash, maple, fruit trees and in homes during Spring, Autumn and Winter. They complete 1-2 generations per year and the female will overwinter in your home. They are black with conspicuous red markings along lateral and medial margins of the Pronotum. Eggs laid in small clutches preferentially on seed pods of female trees or bark or leaves.

The Boxelder bug in in the order Hemiptera which means half wings. They are bright red to black and red and will gather in the thousands around your home, under siding around windows and in between the walls of the home. They do not damage your home physically but can secrete a fluid like substance that can stain many surfaces.

Treatment around your home, under siding and around doors and window will help control these pest. Keeping debris and leaf litter away from your home will also greatly reduce the number of this pest around your home. Boxelder bugs are considered an occasional invader and not a true pest to the home.

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