CRICKETS in Kansas City

The Presence Of Crickets In Or Near Your Home Perpetuates A Pest Food Chain

When crickets in Kansas City roam freely in your home and yard, they will attract more pests. They’ll surround your home, then find their way inside. Once indoors, crickets gravitate toward your pantry and make a general nuisance of themselves – you’ll see them hopping around your floors, tubs, showers, and sinks. And where there is one of these jumping, smelly creatures, there are multitudes!

Crickets in Kansas City Eat Anything And Everything – Even Each Other

Sometimes the best way to prevent crickets in Kansas City is to remove their food source. That can be almost impossible with crickets because they are omnivores. Crickets will eat anything they can find, including plants, other dead bugs, fungus, and when they get desperate, they will even turn on each other. They multiply rapidly and can overrun a home if not kept in check.

Crickets Attract Spiders And Scorpions

Aside from the noise factor (you know that constant chirping sound), crickets lure spiders, scorpions, and other pests that feed on them. This is bad news because some spiders pose a serious threat to people. Both the brown recluse and the black widow are common in Missouri homes. These spiders can be aggressive and bite, causing serious injury that might require a visit to the emergency room. Less harmful (but still undesirable) spiders that also hunt crickets will follow these insects into your home and can be a nuisance and/or bite when they encounter a human being.

When ZipZap Pest Control Removes Crickets in Kansas City, We Also Help Prevent Future Infestations

Any time we treat a home for crickets, we look for areas where they breed. The initial treatment can drastically reduce the cricket problem, but we also want to prevent them from returning. ZipZap Pest Control technicians will look around your property to first identify and then remove potential nesting spots for crickets. They thrive in damp, moist areas in and around your home. Once we find their nests, we can eliminate the problem at its source. Sources may include wet piles of lawn debris, rock piles, compost, wood, and overgrown plants that may provide a cool and comfortable place for them to live.

Preventing Crickets From Re-Entering Your Home

Our technicians will identify those places inside and outside your home where crickets in Kansas City might hide. Remember, they nest and multiply rapidly, so something as simple as a cardboard box can provide the shelter necessary for them to return. We will also block potential entry points into your home, like vents or gaps in home siding.

Missourians Trust ZipZap Pest Control To Treat For Crickets And Other Pests.

Thousands of your Missouri neighbors already trust ZipZap Pest Control for effective pest control treatments that eliminate crickets and other irritating and dangerous insects. The eradication of one can help you eliminate other pests as well. For example, our treatment method for crickets will also prevent the proliferation of harmful spiders and scorpions. Once the crickets are gone, they will have a harder time finding food.

Call us today to schedule a personalized treatment and get rid of the pests in and around your home.

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