MOSQUITOES in Kansas City

Mosquitoes in Kanas City

Mosquitoes in Kansas City are a pest no one wants around. Mosquitoes can transmit encephalitis like West Nile Virus. The best way to keep mosquito populations down would be to go to the breeding source. It would be best to eliminate any standing, stagnating water around your home. Old tires planted pots with water basins and birdbaths. Mosquitoes breed in water, and it is necessary for their survival.

ZipZap Termite & Pest Control has a program to help eliminate mosquito threats around your home. The TermaPest Deluxe program offers mosquitoes in Kansas City as one of the pests we control. We start the mosquito treatment in Kanas City in April and continue every month until October. We use the In2Care bucket and other misting techniques to combat these blood-sucking insects. Please view the video below to see how ZipZap Termite & Pest can handle mosquito issues.

What can I do to eliminate mosquitoes in Kansas City around my home?

You must first eliminate all standing water on and around your property. This includes gutters and stored items around your home. Don’t forget those tire swings, birdbaths, plant pots with water basins, and toys left outside your home. Cut foliage away from resting on your home. Any stagnating water around your home is a potential breeding spot for mosquitoes. The smallest amount of water is all it takes to breed populations of mosquitoes in Kansas City. Observing standing water after rain would be best to determine all areas around your home that collect water. We have both day-biting mosquitoes and night-biting mosquitoes in Kansas City. This is why it is essential to treat using multiple methods to control the different mosquitoes in Kansas City. Questions about mosquitoes can be directed to our Board Certified Entomologist.

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