Termite infestation is the worst. If you wake up one morning and realize that you have a termite problem, Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control is your solution. If these little pests have already caused damage do not panic! It’s not hard and there are ways to eliminate them.

Every home with landscaping and a wood foundation is susceptible to termite damage, especially in a termite-rich area like Kansas City. Basically every home and building can be a target. Rigorous checks for cracks and holes on a regular basis is one of the few ways to help prevent termites. Building with eucalyptus, which is termite-resistant, is also key. Woods that sound hollow are a good preventative measure since termites like dense wood.

You need to take charge immediately if you prevent termite damage and your home is already affected. Some indicators that this has already happened are

  • Sawdust. Termites are tiny and can fit into holes that are virtually impossible to see. They start to eat away and the wood and leave behind sawdust or wood chips. They also leave fecal matter which is often mistaken for wood.
  • Termites build mud tubes on walls and in corners that look like the mud nests that wasps build so Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control advise customers to look for these. Checking for these will be easy as they are identifiable and is important for early detection.
  • Termites shed their wings after reproduction. Finding a pile of wings on your windowsill is a sign that you have a colony of termites in your home.
  • If you discover mud piles near your home’s walls it may be time to check for termites. They tend to build mud nests next to the structure they plan to attack next. If there is a gap between the home and outer walls you are safer from termite damage.

Termites are very invasive and can be inside your home’s foundation and framing in no time. The problem will not go away and in fact will get worse if you don’t get a termite company out right away. You can treat some pest problems or infestations on your own but termites is not one of them. To get help in managing and eliminating your termite infestation call Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control at 816-407-PEST (7378)

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