The German cockroach in Kansas City

Blattella germanica [Blattodea: Blattellidae]: The German cockroach in Kansas City is native to southeastern Asia. It has been widely spread to all parts of the world. Breeding populations can become established almost anywhere where conditions for comfortable human existence prevail. Infestations of cockroaches have been detected in all parts of the world, including Alaska and Greenland. The adult German cockroach male and cockroach female are fully winged, 1.1-1.6 cm in length. Adult German cockroaches are incapable of true flight. The female German cockroach in Kansas City carries the partially extruded ootheca until the eggs hatch. During this time, the female roach remains inside harborages and feed little if at all. Cockroaches in Kansas City are a common occurrence. Developmental time for a German cockroach is from two to six months, depending on temperature and humidity. The⦁ German cockroach breeds continuously in Kansas City, and the German cockroach populations can reach very high numbers in a short amount of time. We are an exterminator in Kansas City that can take care of your pest control in Kansas City.

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