ZipZap can fumigate your semi-cab for bed bugs

Fumigate your Semi-Cab for Bed Bugs

Fumigation for bed bugs is the best, number one way to kill 100% of all bed bugs stages, including eggs. If you are experiencing a bed bug problem in your semi-cab, we can help. We use Vikane gas (Sulfuryl fluoride) to eliminate all stages of bed bugs from your semi-cab. We can perform this process in as little as 5 hours. You won't need to move anything out of your semi for us to perform a fumigation treatment.

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This testimonial is from an actual semi-driver that used our service:

"I own a commercial semi-truck and somehow became infested with bed bugs. This company completely solved the problem with basically no interruption in my operation except for the time it took to use the vikane gas to eradicate the bugs [4hrs usually]. You will not have to do any prep on your truck or clear all your belongings out. Leave everything as is. Get back in your truck and resume operation.No damage to anything except the bugs. Thanks, Zip Zap"

Barry Bowman

vikane gas for semi-cab bed bug control

Fumigating for bed bugs in a Semi-Cab is the best way to kill all stages of bed bugs. This method causes no harm to your truck or items in your truck. Vikane gas is an odorless gas that leaves no residual behind. It does not leave a mess for you to clean up. This is a one-and-done process. Bed bugs do not survive fumigation using Vikane gas. Call today to schedule your bed bug fumigation to your semi-cab.